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  1. Someone New

From the recording Where We Live

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Written and Recorded by Cory Paul Hill, 2014.


Gawk n' Stare
You're Lookin My Way
I'll Take you home into my place
To Show you all the Things Id never get you to see
Though I knew
When I first Saw you,
It'd Take me time to get up on you
Now I've Got Someone New Deep Inside of Me
And that Someone New Is All that I'm Wanting to See
Everybody's writting Letters
And texting words just to stay together
Not to be alone when walking along down the street
Even Through The Stormy Weather
I knew that we would Come together
Now I've Got someone New Deep inside of me.
Kissin Thorns or Rays of sunshine
I'll Take it all but like to give it sometimes
Though I don't Mind to work for things that I know could be free.
I'll Take your hand, I'll take your fever,
I'll Take your heart and never leave.
And when the going gets hard, I'll Stay your reality.
Cause now I've got Someone New Deep inside of Me,
Yeach and now I've got Someone New Deep inside of Me.