About Me

Singer-Songwriter Cory Paul Hill was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick on October 31st 1988. He began his life in music at age nine, playing his grandmother's guitar and being taught his first chords. Coming from a musical family, where most family members dabbled in guitar, singing and dancing on weekends, many musical influences from pop, rock, gospel and country found their way into his life from artists such as Prince, Aerosmith, Tracy Chapman, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Shania Twian and various other artists.
At age thirteen, Cory began private studies in guitar, voice and piano. He later attended St. Francis Xavier (Antigonish NS) in the Jazz Voice program and finished his studies in Visual Arts leading to an Interdiciplinary Degree in Visual Arts (2012) from NSCAD University (Halifax, Nova Scotia). Having met and collaborated with some of the greatest artists in Atlantic Canada, Cory has been inspired not only by the musical arts, but also by painters, sculptors, and cross-media artists. For this artist, music is not only about what is heard, but what is seen in the mind and felt in the heart.
During the formulation of his debut album “Where We Live”, Cory had the honor of singing in support of many charity events for organizations such as ALS Nova Scotia, The Duke of Edinburgh Awards and New Brunswick Association for Community Living.
His debut album, “Where We Live” (Released June 3rd 2014), is a mix of folk and soft rock styles, with a strong emphasis on lyrical content – using the music to simply reinforce the ideas in the songs which range from love, heartbreak, death and family ties. A songwriter first and instrumentalist second, it is vital to Cory that each song comes from personal experience and that his music is shared with others so that his audience will the find the true meaning and essence of these lyrics and be inspired as he was. To experience growth from life's journey and build relationships, it is for this reason that the album is titled “Where We Live”.

In March 2015 he packed two bags and his guitar, and took a train to Toronto with no plan in mind, only an intention to share his music and let life continue to grow. His current recording project titled "This Paper House" contains his honest reflections on the delicacy of the lives we build for ourselves - after personal encounters with abuse, mental illness and the loss of a close friend. What is the beauty of this paper house? We can easily build another.

Cory continues to write and perform, completing his second degree in Cognitive Science, in Toronto, Ontario.